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Web Design

As one of the best web design companies, what makes us stand out from competitors is our approach to project execution. Conversion through functionality and user experience (UX) is our target goal during web design & development.

Online Marketing

We also helps our clients to market their products and services online via Facebook and Instagram Marketing Aids and also Google ad. We do not just put our effort in creating the websites for them ( Ecommerce/ Business) but we also thrive to market them. 

Speed Optimised

we design the best websites with the fastest speed, such that it doesn't take 5 seconds before your website loads. Therefore, you can be sure to have a responsive and high speed website when you hire us.

Edge Over Competitors

The beauty of competition is the ability to force the best out of you. Part of our strategy is to study our clients top competitors for flaws and areas of excellence.

We ensure such flaws are non existent and also strive to outperform.

Search Engine Optimized

One of the integral parts of the design process is ensuring all SEO requirements for website eligibility to be crawled by all search engines is met.

We take painstaking steps to ensure all pages are provided with best metadata for optimal SERP placement.

Dynamic & Engaging


We encourage a dynamic approach to website management. We educate and train our clients on how to increase engagements on their website.

By employing onsite engagement strategy, and increasing dwell time, your authority for your niche will be ascertained.


User experience is everything. That is why we take time to study our clients' customer target base.

For more engagement and best conversion, we make sure we design specifically for our clients, through the eyes of their customers/clients.

All About Conversion

A website that does not convert visitors to clients / customers, might as well be a white blank page.

We understand how crucial conversion is to clients, that is why we structure & design for best possible conversions.


Baytech is hereto help you

Baytech is an organisation that is founded in 2018 to bring your vision website to pass. The aim and goal of this organisation to help people build their websites and help them market it. we specialized in developing all kinds of websites, specialized in giving all our clients the best.